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Institutions Offering Travel Studies Courses Abroad

The study of tourism allows its students to gain experience in the field of tourism. When it comes to international courses, students have a great opportunity to gain a deep understanding of new life principles and meet strangers with a different mindset, and this is a great hands-on experience. For many, studying travel at one of the many universities around the world is literally life-changing!

Below are three foreign institutions that offer courses for all international students who want to connect their studies with the discovery of not-known places, the study of new cultures and meetings with international experts and scientists in their field.

Humber College, Canada
Management of tourist services

The College invites foreigners wishing to obtain a master’s degree in tourism to join its academy. If you love to travel, are passionate about adventure and are passion with discovering new places, then this course can be your cup of tea.

This is a two-year course that lasts only 16 months, and during this time you will have many opportunities to acquire the specific experience necessary for professional success in this field. You will get an overview of all tourist activities, volunteer tourism and eco-travel, learn how tourist offices, educational tour operators and cruise companies work, and also learn how to effectively sell and promote services.

In order to prepare your future career well, you will make short-term and long-term trips to different countries. Get ready to study abroad for a whole semester or longer. You will also take several local excursions, where you will get valuable practical experience. One of her many tasks will be organizing a trip abroad. Places include Spain and the Republic of Costa Rica. During your studies, you have a great opportunity to develop your IT skills with the most widely used software in the industry.

In the fourth semester, you will have the opportunity to test your experience and skills on an unpaid internship. You can choose whether you want to join a travel agent or cooperate with a tour operator or DMC. There they strengthen their skills by selling and promoting travel offers.

Lincoln University, New Zealand
Tourism Management

The University invites international students to get a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, and you can be sure that Pro-Papers experts will help you succeed in your studies, especially if you need a break from homework. The program is specially designed for those who want to delve into the study of travel in collaboration with travel enthusiasts, places and companies.

New Zealand also has well-developed types of national and cross-border tourism, and they are still the fastest growing regions in the world. Therefore, university graduates are still in great demand here.

The course ensures that all new graduates will have well-developed professional skills and deep industry knowledge. If you choose this program, make sure that after graduation you will have deep theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow you to understand the industry at all levels. After graduation, you will be able to take a responsible position or take on a role in management, consulting, planning or research.

As for a career, you can choose one of the following tourism industries: ecotourism, hospitality, transport, enjoyment, etc. Qualifications in this field will allow you to realize your experience in the private or public sector.

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tourism and Culture Development Master’s Degree

The course provides students with both in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about the development of tourism. It mainly focuses on culture and aims to develop students’ critical and analytical thinking. You do not need industry knowledge to participate in this program, because it is also suitable for those who are starting to learn to travel. After graduation, new graduates demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject, as well as deep knowledge in the field of tourism, culture and other related fields.

As a qualified professional, you have all the skills and knowledge necessary to find a high-paying job, whether in the private or public sector. Your potential employers are travel agencies, museums, travel and enjoyment service providers, hostels, media channels, etc. You can also try to apply your knowledge by also performing planning and organization functions. The variety of opportunities also includes teaching and research.

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