Aeon Holiday Explore Polpular Travel Essentials For Women

Polpular Travel Essentials For Women

If you like fresh air in new places and if ‘Musafir Hoon yaaro’ is your favorite song, then you can proudly call yourself ‘Wanderlust’. Let’s be honest! Traveling is no longer just a matter for men! As the world is ruled by women, you will find countless travelers and explorers on the hills and beaches.

To all the women who travel there, have you been looking forward to your next trip? Whether it’s Shimla or Switzerland, Goa or Georgia, You are sure to let go and make the most of it. And while you’re deciding on your next destination, we’re here to help you pack. We have listed some important travel essentials that every woman must have in her travel bags.

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List of the most important things that every woman traveler must have:
Aren’t you looking forward to your trip? We are afraid that you will not fail to grasp the most important things of excitement. To make your trip unforgettable and make your packing job easier, read the following points.

1. A Cosmetic Bag

The first thing that every girl should carry with her is a delicate cosmetic bag. Even if you are not a makeup person, you can have basic makeup essentials. From Kajal to eyeliner, from lip balm to lipstick, you can throw all the basic makeup items there. Make sure you use them effectively and click on insta-worthy images to set serious goals for your followers.

2. Power Bank

Let’s accept it! Power Bank is something that you cannot miss if you carry it in your luggage. We know that you need your phone all day long. From clicking on images to making emergency calls, a Smartphone is something you can count on! And to keep your phone powered all day, a power bank is a must.

3. Sanitary napkins

You can skip packing your phone and clothes for once, but don’t forget to bring a few sanitary napkins. Even if it’s not the time of your month, you never know what happens when. It’s always better if you are prepared for all the invisible circumstances. You can also take a menstrual cup with you if you use it comfortably.

4. Additional Small

When we are on vacation, we hardly have time to wash our clothes. And if you are traveling to places like Goa, the Maldives, Bali or a coastal region, it is difficult for your clothes to dry quickly. In such a matter, it is always recommended to take 2-3 additional pairs of small with you.

5. A chic dress

Your whole trip will not be full of adventures and explorations. There will be a time when you just want to decorate yourself and enjoy a quiet dinner. For such nights, wear a steaming hot dress! Get your best Look and click on some beautiful images to add them to your Facebook calendar.

6. Jacket

Regardless of the season, it is always advisable to take a jacket with you. We just can’t trust the weather. You can use the jacket in extreme weather conditions, for example, in matter of heavy rain or cold wind. In this matter, you can wear a noble leather jacket or a stylish denim jacket. These jackets can be combined with any dress to create a fabulous Look.

7. A comfortable Pair of Sleepers

In addition to your shoes, sandals and heels, you will also need to bring a pair of Flip flops. Flip flops are indeed the most comfortable pair of shoes you can own. You can wear them if you are tired of your heavy shoes and sandals. You can also wear them in your hotel room in matter you don’t have any.

8. An Identity Document

Another important item to take with you on your vacation is an identity document. Whether it is a driver’s license, PAN card or Aadhar card, you must have at least one original identity card in your pocket. An identity document is essential because it can be requested at any time and anywhere when checking into a hotel or crossing a border.

9. A Medicine Kit

Here is the Baap of the essentials-the medicine package. You never know what the future holds. You could also get a little sick if you travel to extremely cold or extremely hot places. So, carry a tablet for all underlying health-issues such as colds, fever, cough, vomiting. Also, don’t forget to take a Dettol, a cotton roll and a patch from the cute little box.

10. Deodorant

There will be days when you will not have time to take a shower. On such days, you can use deodorant and smell fresh and delicate. You can also use it if you have walked a lot or if you have just finished a hike and you are sweating like never before. When you use a good perfume/deodorant in such situations, you will feel happy and refreshed.

Last Words

Hasn’t this List of travel items already triggered the traveler in you? Haven’t you already started planning your long-awaited solo vacation? Haven’t you already started deciding which clothes to wear when? If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then trust us, you will live the most precious journey of your life. So pack your bags and don’t forget to take the above List of items with you. Finally, let us know if you think we missed including some important items in the List.

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